Chelation Ti content:≥ 99%   
Organic Chelation Ti substrate:33%   
Ammonium Nitrogen content:≥ 12%    
Ti content:≥ 12% 
Appearance:Gray-white Powder, micro-granular.

GROW EDDHA-Ti is a remarkable nutrients which not only enhance the content of photosynthesis,chlorophyll,it’s more physiological activity and can promote the plants absorption and mixed with NPK and other trace elements. GROW EDDHA-Ti is mainly to better improve the crop physiological activity, Chlorophyll content increased 8.0-20.6%. Nitrogen fertilizer utilization rate increase 6.5-13.5%,Phosphate fertilizer utilization rate increase 28.0%. It can be used alone and Used with other fertilizer.

Application Instructions:

GROW EDDHA-Ti is widely used in agricultural, field crops, fruit trees, vegetable, landscaping, gardening, pastures etc.