SeaGrow Micro(Seaweed Extract,Kelp, Micro Particle,Green or Shiny Black with Excellent Liquidity)

Alginic Acid:30%-46%
Organic Matter:20%
N+P+K: 20%
pH Value: 5-7.5
Amino Acid:0.5%
Water Solubility: 100%
Appearance: Unique Green Micro particle/ Black Micro particle

SeaGrow Micro is specially designed unique Green / Black Microparticle seaweed extracts from natural Ascophyllum Nodosum etc. It derived from deep sea area and contains a wide range of naturally occurring plant nutrients and trance minerals,Mannitol, Cytokinin. . SeaGrow Micro is non-toxic,non-polluting which rich in natural plant growth factors and essential to plant health, growth and productivity. It is a reliable, high-efficiency,environment friendly, organic fertilizer. SeaGrow Micro has advantage solubility and flowability because it’s microparticle form by spray drying tower.

*Features naturally-occurring trace element, more readily available for plant uptake.
*Supplement of nutrition and trace elements.
*Increase the flowering and fruit setting. 
* More convenient applications, different color and special effect,faster nutrient release.
*Anti-stress of cold,drought,disease,water logging.
*Improve crops defenses to abiotic and biotic stress etc.
*Act as effective chelating agents for micro-nutrients and building soil structure.
*Balance the crop nutrition growth and generate growth, enhance the fruit uniformity.
*Adjust pH value of root-area and soil, provide better ecological environment for root system growth.
*Improve fertilizer utilization and stimulate the plant rapidly growth.
*Supplements of nutrition and trace elements.

Application Instructions:
SeaGrow Micro is widely used in agricultural, field crops, fruit trees, vegetable, landscaping, gardening,pastures, etc.

Available in foliar spray and irrigation application. 
Recommend Dilution rate with water: 1000-1500 times
Packaging & Storage Available:
500g/1kg/5kgs/20kgs paper bags or carton box and customized.

Store in dry and clean place,cool conditions, protected from heat and light, avoid insolation and moisture.