SeaGrow (Seaweed Extract,Kelp, Flake/Powder)

Alginic Acid:18%
Organic Matter:50% min
Potassium: 16% -20%
Moisture: 5% max
pH Value: 8-11
Total Nitrogen:2%
Water Solubility: 100%
Appearance: Black or Brown Powder / Flake

SeaGrow is seaweed extract from natural Ascophyllum Nodosum etc.which growing in deep sea. It has high activity and natural growth hormones, Cytokinin, Betaine.It can improve the stress resistance and disease resistance of crops. SeaGrow is non-toxic,non-polluting and rich in natural plant growth factors and micro elements. It is a reliable, high-efficiency,environment friendly, green organic fertilizer. 

*Anti-stress of cold,drought,disease,water logging.
*Improve crops defenses to abiotic and biotic stress etc.
*Improve the natural hormone of crops and tree vigor, increase the flowering and fruit setting. 
*Balance the crop nutrition growth and generate growth, enhance the fruit uniformity.
*Adjust pH value of root-area and soil, provide better ecological environment for root system growth.
*Improve fertilizer utilization and stimulate the plant rapidly growth.
*Supplements of nutrition and trace elements.

Application Instructions:
SeaGrow is widely used in agricultural, field crops, fruit trees, vegetable, landscaping, gardening,pastures, etc.

Available in foliar spray and irrigation application. 
Recommend Dilution rate with water: 1000-1500 times
Packaging & Storage Available:
1kg/5kgs/20kgs paper bags or carton box and customized.

Store in dry and clean place,cool conditions, protected from heat and light, avoid insolation and moisture.