GROW Humin(Humic Organic Fertilizer)

Organic Matter(dry basis): 70% min
Total Humic Acid(dry basis): 55% min
pH value:4-6
Diameter: 2-4mm
Appearance: Black Brown Granular/ Powder

GROW Humin is a organic manure helpful to soil condition.It provides abundant organic substances, dense humic acid, humus and used as a slow release,soil application fertilizer. It contents 1/3 immediately effective nutrient and 2/3 slow release substance to keep sustained nutrient supply to plants. It’s widely used as a base fertilizer or additional fertilizer in crops.

*Act as wonderful soil conditioner.
*Act as the natural soil remedy basis.
*Increase the organic matter content of soil.
*Increase the capacity of water holding and cation exchange capacity of soil.
*Stimulate plant growth.
*Balance pH value of soil.
*Reduce pesticide residue.
*Improve the taste, color,shelf life of fruits.
*Improve uptake of chemical fertilizer.

Application Instructions:
GROW Humin is used as base of organic matter and soil regulator in agricultural, field crops, fruit trees, vegetable, landscaping, gardening,pastures, etc.

Soil Application: 100-200kg/ha

Packaging & Storage Available:
Available in 25kgs paper bags lining inside or customized.

Store in dry and clean place, well-ventilated, cool conditions.