GROW Humin Amino Acid(Organic Fertilizer with Humic and Amino Acid)

Humic acid: 20%
Amino Acid: 12%
Appearance: Shiny Black Granular
Diameter: 2-4mm


GROW Humin Amino Acid is fantastic combination of humic acid and amino acid with more content of organic matter, it’s coming from natural source and including NPK as well as free amino acid. It contains 1/3 immediately effective nutrient and 2/3 slow release nutrient substance, which can be used as soil conditioner to repair soil and adjust the pH for soil. Slow release Humin Amino Acid is easy to broadcast and suited for broad-area coverage. It release the nutrients slowly, giving you long-lasting, healthy results. We carry a variety of organic formulas designed to encourage growth, blooms and rippen.

*Adjust the pH for soil.
*Act as effectively soil conditioner.
*Increase formation of the proteins and crop cells.
*Improve root system development.
*Improve microbiological activity of soil.
*Improve the taste, color,shelf life of fruits.
*Improve water holding capacity of soil.
*Increase utilization of NPK.
*Act as traditional or organic program.

Application Instructions:
GROW Humin Amino Acid is used as base of organic and soil regulator in agricultural, field crops, fruit trees, vegetable, landscaping, gardening,pastures, etc.

Soil Application: 200-300kg/ha

Packaging & Storage Available:
Available in 25kgs paper bags lining inside or customized.

Store in dry and clean place, well-ventilated, cool conditions.