HumiGrow Crystal (Potassium Humate 70% Crystal)

Humic Acid (as dry basis):70%-75%
Potassium (K2O dry basis):10%
Organic Matter: 85%
Water Solubility:95%
pH Value:9.0-11.0
Color: Shiny Black

HumiGrow Crystal is enriched potassium humate extracted from young leonardite with remarkable performance in chemical and biological application. It contains high content of humic acid and natural biological activity trace elements. Easily absorbed by plant, HumiGrow Crystal also lower the application cost for farmers.It's soluble in water with shiny black crystal appearance and mainly used in agricultural crops in order to improve the yield and quality of crops.

*Enhance the organic matter of soil and the flavors of crops
*Stimulate root growth and make the root system more robust.
*Effectively prevent dead trees, rotted roots, dead seedlings caused by continuous cropping.
*Effectively regulate leaf growth, promote stem growth, prevent excessive growth. Improve flower bud differentiation, and reduce the drop of flower and fruit.
* Increase the capacity and availability of other nutrient fertilizers.
*Reduces soil erosion and adjust soil structure. Promote Photosynthesis.

Application Instructions:
HumiGrow Crystal is widely used in agricultural, horticultural crops, field crops, fruit trees, vegetable, landscaping, gardening,pastures, etc.

Soil application, Flush application etc.

Packaging & Storage Available:
10kg/20kg Kraft paper bags with lining inside and customized.

Store in dry and clean place,cool conditions, protected from heat and light, avoid insolation and moisture.