HumiGrow (Potassium Humate)

Total Humic Acid(as dry basis): 80%
Fulvic Acid (dry basis): 15%-19%
Potassium (as K2O dry basis):10%-16%
pH Value:9-11
Moisture:12% max
Water Solubility: Completely and Deflocculation
Biostimulant,100% Soluble Potassium Humate and Fulvic Acid, Organic Fertilizer, Using in agriculture.

More Information and Details:   
HumiGrow is a high quality biostimulant extracted from optimized young natural leonardite. It’s based humic acid substances, fulvic acid, specially has many active functional groups (hydroxy, carboxyl, phenolic hydroxyl etc). It’s completely soluble in water and is more easily absorbed by crops.HumiGrow enhance crops ability to absorb nutrients and resist stress of abiotic, especially using in marginal soils, resulting in faster growth and higher yields.

We produce both shiny flake and powder form of HumiGrow. Some farmers use it directly. It also has excellent performance when being used together with NPK, pesticide or fungicide. It can be used as soil conditioner, drip irrigation and leaf spray to improve the soil's water holding capacity, to maintain and improve soil structure and increase the chlorophyll content. HumiGrow has high cation exchange capacity(CEC) value, which shows powerful cation exchange ability to play a phenomenal role in soil fertility and plant nutrient.

*Improve the utilization of NPK fertilizers.
*Deflocculation , Anti-hard water.
* Stimulate crops growth,especially for the root zone.
*Promote the anti-drought and anti-cold ability of soil.
*Improve granular structure of soil, repair the saline and alkaline of soil.
*Strengthen the pesticide and fungicide efficiency, reduce toxic residue.
*Promote plants photosynthesis.
*Enhance crops stress resistance.
*Increase yield and improve agricultural products quality including taste,color, shelf life.
*Enhances water holding capacity and fertilizer keeping ability of soil.
*Regulation the release of Nitrogen, Phosphorus,Potassium and improve the capacity of NPK.
*Stimulate the cell membranes as well as the metabolic activities and increase the germ rates. 

Application Instructions:  
HumiGrow is widely suitable for agricultural and horticulture, field crops, orchards, vegetable, landscaping, flower gardens,pasture etc.

Drip Irrigation: 6-8kg/ha
Soil Application: 9-12kg/ha 
Foliar application: dilute at 600~800 times
Soaking Seeds: 0.2% concentration liquid

Packaging & Storage Available:  

500g,1kg/5kg/20kg paper bags lining inside or customized packaging.

It should be stored in dry and clean place,cool conditions, far away from heat and light, avoid insolation and moisture.The period of validity is 2 years.