SeeGrow Bio-Tech will attend 2023 CAC Exhibition


May 23, 2023- May 25, 2023
NECC, Shanghai
The 23rd CAC exhibition
13th China International Fertilizer Show


SeeGrow Bio-Tech will attend the CAC exhibition of 2023 which holding in Shanghai on May 23-25. The following events will be held at the same time.
 FSHOW 13th China International New Fertilizer Exhibition
The 23rd China International Agrochemical and Crop Protection Exhibition held in Shanghai.
 From May 23 to 25, 2023, the Global Agrochemical Feast held in National Exhibition and Convention Center. Since the first CAC held in 1999. CAC has successfully experienced 20 sessions of rapid development, and has become the most important agrochemical exchange and cooperation platform in the world.
 CAC2023--Xi'an SeeGrow Bio-Tech is willing to meet you in Shanghai! Hope to see you soon. Our booth No. is 72R26 at Hall 7.2.





Xi'an seegrow BIO-TECH Co., Ltd. made its debut in CAC, attracting a large number of customers with its unique booth design style and high products quality; Professional technology docking has won the uproar of customers.
Seegrow organic fertilizer promotes agricultural producers to be innovators of technology.

Xi'an seegrow BIO-TECH Co., Ltd. is willing to verificate history and develop together with you!