Livestock Feeds (Feed Additives and Aquacluture)


SeeGrow Products (HumiGrow, HumiGrow NaHA) for Feed Additives and Aquacluture
Various research trials worldwide have showed that using humic acids in animal feed produces with a plentiful advantages for animal health and growth. ShowGrow Products (HumiGrow, HumiGrow NaHA) can improved growth rates of animals,increases the weight of animals,increased feed intakes and food conversion ratios. It also reduce the incidence of enteric disease and diarrhoea especially of young animals. The results is improve gut health, nutrient absorption staus and immune response in animals when mix the protein feed with humus.

Nowadays there is a large-scaleof animal feed additives in the market, that do not contain any antimicrobial substances or hormones. As we know the EU-wide ban on antibiotics, so the organic humic acids give better results as protective agents as groth promoters. When using humic acids have abundant advantages for annimal growth and health as animal feed ingredient nutrients. It will improve the ability of infuence in particular the metabolism of carbonhydrates and proteins of microbes, Stimulate the resistance of the animals to effects on the immune system,Reducing the odour and nitrogenous wastes,take shape a protecive film on the mucuous epithel of the gastro-intestinal tract against infections and toxins.
HumiGrow, HumiGrow NaHA have effective influence in breed aquatics, it paticiphate to purify water quality and management the water. It’s can control and prevent the moss growth and avoid the toxicity.SeeGrow humic acid products can balance the pH value and maintain the ecological balance of water, promote the healthy growth of aquatic animals. Sodium humate have been using common to complexing the heavy metal ion and harmful element of pond water.