Industry Area (Oil Field Drilling)



SeeGrow Products (HumiGrow, HumiGrow NaHA) for Oil Drilling Industry

SeeGrow Products (HumiGrow, HumiGrow NaHA) can be used as a filtrate reducer with resistance to high temperature for fresh water drilling fluid, with ability to effect of reducing viscosity and resistance to salt. It’s widely used in drilling fluids industry especially the deep sea ocean.As the literature suggests that the humic acid is superior to other various surface active agents in drilling fulid.

Humic acid is Macromolecular organic matter and has abundant substantial resources in China. It is not a single compound, but a mixture macromolecules of a variety of compounds with different molecular sizes and inconsistencies in the chemical structure. These compounds contain nitrogen, oxygen,hydrogen, carbon and other elements.It’s fullfill with much of hydroxyl,methoxy,carbonyl, benzoquinonyl and other functional groups. It’s own pefectly exchange ability with metal ions,also rapidly adsorption, chelation,complexation and so on. Carboxyl, phenolic hydroxyl playing leading role in mud treatment agents. Molecular weight from 1900~4900.

Recognizing the excellence performance as a fluid loss control additive in water drilling muds.HumiGrow, HumiGrow NaHA products is the effective component of the solution for the fluid loss additive of slurry. It’s improve efficiency and reduce the cost of drilling muds. It’s a miracle and environmentally friendly effective emulsifier for high pH used in oil drilling fluid.