SeeGrow is a world leading manufacturer and supplier of natural genuine organic fertilizers. In the past decade years, SeeGrow is committed to delivering better solutions for all the farmers to enabling more choice for customers to help them obtaining sustainability and quality harvest.

Nowadays agricultural producers from all the world are seeking to reduce the rely on inorganic chemicals and synthetic manure. SeeGrow is the top supplier who provide premium fertilizer such as Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid, Seaweed Extract, Amino Acid,Formula fertilizer,etc. Our biostimulant products are designed to enhance agricultural, horticultural, plant vigor and improve the soil’s biological, physical and chemical characteristics. The addition of synthetic nutrients is pointless without the supplement ingredient of carbon, using our optimized potassium humate products can provide necessary carbon element to the soil.

SeeGrow focuses on providing you with the scientifically proved, field tested, innovative, environmentally friendly, and sustainable organic fertilizer choice. Our premium products and services span from the traditional to leading edge, we own central resources and have received good reputation from our customers worldwidely from more than 25 countries.

SeeGrow is a professional knowledge,fast growing, pioneers,innovation and reliable company supported by decade years of work with humate,fulvic and seaweed substances.We better deeply understanding our industries and clients regarding our products range of services and application.Our biostimulant products are widly used in broadcast application,foliar,drip irrigation of modern organic agriculture.Our young team of SeeGrow dedicated the same enterprise mission is providing highest quality standards, offering steady superior organic plant nutrients,professional and creativity service. To meet expectation of our clients with added valuable,long standing quality and speedly response on the basis and exceeding with their expectations. You are warmly welcome to contact us anytime if you have any interesting or questions of biostimulant or organic manure of our prodcuts.

Our Global Market Network:
Egypt, Spain, American, Vietnam, India, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Chile, Mexico, Russia, Morocco, Italy, Ukraine, Poland,etc...